1921 – 1930. The resurgence

Decades: 1888 1901191119211931

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A very important decade for soccer in Algeciras, and in particular for Algeciras FC, since it would be in these years when the first regulation is created, the new soccer field “El Calvario” is inaugurated and participates in regional competitions, the first titles begin to arrive.


While in the different provinces the clubs were being reinforced and, expanding their sights, in Algeciras more and more teams were being formed, on the one hand it was positive, since there were many matches and rivalry, but on the other hand the diversity of teams made them weak as a whole and they could not compete on their own against any of the most prominent of each locality.

In view of this situation, the creation of a local team with the most outstanding players was experimented with. Y, en la primavera de 1921, con motivo de homenajear a los soldados del Regimiento de Infantería, que marchaban al frente Marruecos, se organiza un encuentro en el campo del Polvorín, entre una selección del fútbol local y el Español F.C., de Cádiz, imponiéndose los algecireños por 1-0.

In 1922 the clubs agreed to group around Algeciras F.C. Players from different teams, such as Athletic FC, Racing FC, Stadium FC and Romega FC, joined.

Thus, on January 10, 1923, this new project became a reality, it was strongly supported by the union of enthusiasts of this new sport and by an elite of players who were going to give Algeciras the necessary potential to face the Andalusian tournaments to which it had almost no access. The first Board of Directors is presided by Rogelio Roca, accompanied by Mauricio Morante as vice-president, Juan Casero as treasurer, Manuel Pozo as secretary and José Burman and Antonio Hernández as members, among others.

The new Algeciras becomes a powerful team. In the league organized at the local level, they won without difficulty over the rest of the teams, who despite ceding their players to the most representative team of the city, continued to compete, because they had not lost their sporting spirit and passion for soccer, but they were at a different level.

The players on that squad are: Aguilera, Imossi, Uruguayo, Puyol, Abuja, Sáenz, Ríos, Butrón, Casero, Arrabal, Buscató, Andrades, Illescas, Díaz, Extremera, Bensusan, Beneroso, Coca, Juanito.

From 1924 onwards, Algeciras’ objective was to take part in the Regional Championship, and for this purpose, from the beginning of the year, they arranged different matches in order to acquire the right form for their debut. Such was the team’s potential that it went thirty consecutive matches without defeat.

It will be at the end of this year when Algeciras FC is registered in group B of the Second Category and during the following years would dispute the Regional League or Cup of Andalusia, would arrive the promotions to First Category and the first titles, one of the most important was the champion of Andalusia of group B of First Category in the year 1927.

At the end of the decade Algeciras ends up in the Eastern group of the Second category of the Regional Preferente, together with Real Málaga.


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