1911 – 1920. Consolidation

Decades: 1888 1901191119211931

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It is in this decade when soccer becomes a local phenomenon and the matches of the Algeciras teams are constant, creating more and more followers. Algeciras is consolidating and it will be in 1912, on October 27th, when it is officially registered in the Club Registry of the Andalusian Football Federation.

There are numerous testimonies of the written press of the time where the most representative Football Club of Algeciras is made known, that from 1912 onwards are given with enough assiduity and continuity. It was possible to create a powerful football Club with the base that they already had since 1909, this Club continued to be called Algeciras and as surnames they gave it “Sporting Club”, names that were adapted according to time and fashions. The use of Anglo-Saxon terms was very common in those days.

Its first president was Cristóbal Gómez Maresco and Enrique Fillol was elected secretary, both directors-players, wore a shirt with white pants and a shield with the initials of the society intertwined, played on the field of Era de las Torres, located in the neighborhood of Pescadores, holding several meetings with teams from Gibraltar, Ceuta, Cadiz, etc..

Their squad consisted of goalkeeper Emilio Infantes; defenders, Pepe Cabello and Abelardo Martínez (from Gibraltar); midfielders, Ángel Cabello, Arturo Casola and José Soriano; forwards, Juan Furest, Luís Casola, Ramón Puigcarbó, Juan de la Paz (from Gibraltar), Mister Pepper, Bensusan, Rafael Infantes, Enrique Fillol, Juanito Herrera, Pepe González Novellos, Juan Roca, José Venancio Sagrario and José Sagrario.

The first chronicled match was played on April 7, 1912 against a team from Gibraltar, Alexandra FC, with the result of a goalless draw.

9.04.1912 from “El Cronista” Year I . nº 4 . Pages 2 and 3

The aftermath of the great soccer atmosphere found in the city meant that in a very short time, the number of fans increased considerably. The new sport was gaining followers. In addition, the rivalry with the teams of the neighboring town of La Línea and Gibraltar began.

The momentum acquired by the Algeciras Sporting Club would continue in the following years, becoming a reference society in the whole region and province of Cadiz. The potential of Algeciras goes beyond the regional limits, it is required by different provincial entities to play matches in Jerez, San Fernando and Cadiz.

The territorial competitions begin to take shape, the representatives of Algeciras were invited, but the lack of a playing field that met the minimum conditions limited and prevented them from accessing them in the early days.

The Las Eras de Las Torres field was not an appropriate place to play the matches with the seriousness that the efforts of the players and the board of directors deserved in their objective to improve their economy with the corresponding income from the box office receipts of the matches. The Board of Directors made arrangements with the City Council to obtain a playing field to improve its infrastructure. The council granted the wish in 1916 and on January 20 the “El Polvorín” field was granted.

Algeciras would continue to play matches against teams in the area, but it would be in the decade of the 1920s when the team began to compete in the championships of the Federación Regional Sur.


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