To be honest, nobody really knows what is true or what is an urban myth, so this will have to do. Why does Algeciras CF play in red and white?

Have you never given it any thought? Because if you think about it, red and white have nothing to do with the flag of Algeciras, whose colours are yellow and light blue.

From what is known, when the club was founded, Algeciras didn’t have an official jersey, so when a match was to be played, they would look at the colours worn by their opponents and then all the Algeciras players would agree on a jersey that didn’t clash with the opponent’s. So, the colours worn most often by Algeciras were white, blue and even orange. However, an increasing number of matches were being played, one of which against a team made up of crew members on an English ship that had docked in Gibraltar. This team was already well-established as it was playing far and wide, so the board believed it was time for Algeciras to have its own kit. At that time in Spain, and more so in Algeciras, it was very difficult to get your hands on sports gear, so some of the directors headed to Gibraltar in search of a jersey. Of all the ones available, they opted for a red and white one worn by an English team (at that time relatively unknown) called Southampton F.C.